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Give Her One-Of-A-Kind This Engagement Season

When Louisa Bir moved from Florida to Long Beach in 2013, she left behind a steady clientele that had been built through word of mouth over many years. Custom jewelry has always been Louisa’s passion and specialty.

“About 80 percent of the jewelry in our store is designed by me,” Louisa said. She opened up Luckette on Second Street in Naples in August of 2018. Luckette has many gifts available including clothes and accessories, but jewelry is definitely the owner’s sweet spot.

She specializes in recycling, or “upcycling,” sentimental stones into unique designs. If your mother or grandmother had a beautiful diamond but the ring is a bit outdated, Louisa can help bring that family diamond into the new century!

A big benefit of custom engagement ring design is that you’ll be giving that special someone a completely one-of-a-kind ring. Another draw is the ability to tell a story or represent something special in your relationship.

One of Louisa’s favorite designs is the spider design. It was for a woman who really liked spiders, but the challenge was to figure out how to make a spider theme beautiful. Louisa shaped a web as the band which was very intricate, but worth it. The diamond belonged to the woman’s grandmother.

“I definitely love the challenge and am game for anything,” Louisa said about taking on new designs. “We’ve done everything from pendants inspired by a Viking Warrior Princess to an African Tribal piece.”

Seahorse designs have also been popular as they represent the one-mate-for-life mentality in nature. Whatever you’re envisioning for your special someone’s ring, Louisa can help. She works with customers from all sides of the “vision” spectrum.

“Some people know exactly what they want, some people just have an idea, and others tell me to take full range with a custom design. I’m open to any of that.”

Meet with Louisa during store hours for a special free consultation on a custom piece of jewelry. Nothing will make her feel more special this engagement season than a custom ring that is close to her heart!


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