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Get Fit in 42 Days at I Defy Fitness Community

The “Fit in 42” program is sweeping the nation due to its success garnering fast results for those looking to lose weight and get in shape. Most importantly, it’s rooted in good habits, not gimmicks.

“It’s teaching you to change your lifestyle in 42 days,” said I Defy Fitness Community owner Scott Sonderman. “It’s more of, get fit for life in 42 days.”

I Defy Fitness Community is one of the few gyms in the greater Long Beach area offering the Fit in 42 program. It fits in well with what Scott’s group-class gym already preaches and teaches.

“All the fitness stuff is already in line with our everyday classes. We practice movements that encompass all-in-one fitness. Cardio, strength, core, and balance. Through patterns and intervals, we teach the body to get in shape while also keeping workouts new, fresh, and exciting.”

What the “Fit in 42” program adds to Scott’s normal programs is a nutrition and education aspect. Through a mobile app, all of your fitness, nutrition, and life habits are funneled into data from which Scott can assess, guide, and teach.

The pillars of Fit in 42 are accountability, motivation, education, and results. Guaranteed results in 42 days.

The fitness aspect takes place six days a week. I Defy offers many daily classes and Scott is an expert in adapting tough, strength-building and weight-loss exercises into modifications that fit your body and ability. Everyone can get better from where they are and Scott is dedicated to making that fun and exciting.

Scott is a friend, motivator, and educated resource for his clients. He was recently voted “Best Trainer” in the Best of Long Beach Awards, and he invites you to check out a class and inquire more about his unique fitness approach and the all-encompassing nature of body-weight fitness.

The next Fit in 42 program starts this January. Make sure you sign up and invest in you, your health, and your future!


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