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State of Emergency Called for California Investment Properties

The recent fires have caused much destruction and damage to California homes. With thousands of residents in Southern California displaced and forced to move, already-impacted communities are becoming more impacted.

For those with properties in Long Beach, it is important that you, or your property manager, are in touch with the ongoing trends and policies in the housing community.

Dustin Edwards and his staff at Beach Cities Management constantly keep up with all the latest news in the housing industry.

Because people are being forced out of their homes, Acting California Governor Gavin Newsom has declared that it is unfair to raise rents above 10 percent in one year. The concept is called “price-gouging” when landowners spike rates above what seems to be an ethical price considering the circumstances.

According to Governor Newsom, landlords in areas unaffected by the wildfires should not be able to take advantage of this unfortunate housing problem for thousands of Southern Californians.

Edwards and the whole Beach Cities team take pride in not only studying the various laws and sanctions put on the housing industry, but knowing the best practices and having experience in dealing with tenants and price changes.There is a fine line between getting the most out of your investment and creating good relationships with solid, long-term tenants.

For more information on the recent State of Emergency and how it affects your investment, reach out to Dustin Edwards at Beach Cities Management at (562) 888-0247!


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