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Flooring for the Modern Family: 4 Types of Carpet for Any Home

Over the decades, flooring has evolved with trends frequently coming and going. Carpet has gotten a bad reputation for being outdated, but you can only get that “ooo, cozy!” feeling with carpet.

Family Floors offers many styles of carpets that are treated for water resistance and odor protection. Choosing a carpet involves choosing a texture that compliments your aesthetic, whether it’s loop, texture, pattern, or twist!


Looped carpet is beautiful and dense enough to withstand busy areas in a home. Sewing yarn threads in the carpet’s backing creates the unique looping effect. For this reason, be careful not to let pets or small children pull up the fibers.


Cut at the same length, textured carpet appears smooth and dense (perfect for a busy area). There’s also no worrying about clashing with your home because there are many colors to choose from. Homes with pets will also appreciate that texture has no closed loops, so pets won’t snag the carpet.


Patterned carpets, also known as cut and loop, combine texture and loop characteristics with different colors. From small, repeating squares to large swirls, patterns can make a room look luxurious.


Think ‘70s shag! Thanks to modern colors like ivory, gray, and blue, shag can look good wall-to-wall or as a rug. Shag carpet looks great in private rooms and living spaces. It also hides imperfections, which is perfect for kids and pets.

Los Alamitos Animal Hospital seems to think so! Family Floors often donates carpet-flooring samples for the cats there to have a plush spot to lie. Here, this cutie is situated on top of a beautiful white shag carpet.

For a free estimate or carpet sample, visit Family Floors today:

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