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Gretchen’s Automotive: Gifting Great Service and...Wine?

Some people say they love their customers. That’s fine, but Gretchen’s Automotive actually proves it with take-home gifts of wine and flowers. It’s been going on for years and is part of Gretchen’s unique touch in the automotive business.

“It’s simple,” owner Todd smiled, “if you’re a customer and I like you, you get to take home a bottle of wine or flowers.”

The wine is made locally and as Todd puts it, “is the only wine I consider good enough and affordable enough to give to customers.”

The flowers are brought in fresh daily and are another good option, especially if you want to make someone in your life feel better after having a bad day on the road.

Head on into Gretchen’s Automotive, located at 1965 Palo Verde Ave., to see the many different ways they serve you like family. In this case, it’s family wine night!

For more information on Gretchen’s Automotive and the services they can offer you, visit


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