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Build Your Pool Now So it’s Ready for Summer!

Remember how hot it was like two weeks ago? And six weeks ago? And 10 weeks ago? And all doggone summer long?

It was scorching hot all spring and summer, just like it always is in sunny Long Beach.

Now, remember how many times you thought to yourself, “Man, I wish we had a pool?”

That happened to me like every day. Sometimes twice a day.

Well, guess what? You’re not alone. All over the city, more and more people are building pools in their backyards right now. And this is the time to do it! Fall is the time to build your pool so come that first 88-degree day in spring, you’re ready to cannonball into that brand new sanctuary of water!

“This is by far my busiest time of year,” said East Long Beach Pool and Spa owner Eric Poling. He has crews all over Long Beach and Southern California turning people’s backyard pool dreams into reality.

You may know East Long Beach Pool and Spa from its pool supply store on Woodruff Avenue and Spring Street. Or, maybe you’ve never noticed the supply store because you haven’t taken the plunge and built a pool, so you’ve never needed supplies. Well, now’s your chance to change all that.

“Your basic standard Long Beach backyard pool will take about eight to 10 weeks to build. The really cool fancier stuff takes about 10 to 12 weeks. This is the time to do it. We’re building a lot of new pools now during fall and we’ll do a lot of remodels come January.”

Eric is an authority on building pools in the Long Beach area. He’s made a living off of building and remodeling pools for Long Beach residents, then conveniently selling any supplies they’ll need—from chlorine to noodles—to keep their pool fun and safe.

If you’ve ever thought you could improve your quality of life with a refreshing, high-quality pool, give Eric a call and let him provide you with options and a quote. There’s no harm in getting your options.

And if you go through with it, don’t forget to give me a call this spring and invite me to your very first neighborhood pool party. I’ll make sure everyone knows that your house is the awesome one with the pool!


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