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Beach Cities Properties Nurtures Happy Agents

Why are agents at Beach Cities Properties so happy, friendly, hardworking, and dedicated to their clients? Turns out a large part is the culture of this unique Long Beach brokerage.

Since 2010, Jack Tanner, broker at Beach Cities Properties in Parkview Village, has earned a reputation of being a real agent’s broker for agents in Long Beach—that means two things. Great culture and more money $$!

Their cozy office in the “Mayberry-like” Parkview Village in East Long Beach sets the tone for what Tanner refers to as “the cheers of real estate.” With about 25 agents and Tanner, who is always available as an on-site, hands-on broker, “the face-time factor” that people associate with good agents is mirrored by Beach Cities Properties. Beach Cities even has an on-site, well-trusted escrow officer making it a convenient one-stop office for those who close escrow at Beach Cities Properties.

That’s all great, but the part that really makes agents happy is the money. The numbers speak for themselves.

A typical split at a corporate franchise is an 80/20 percent split and the broker will continue to take 20 percent until they net somewhere between $20,000 or $30,000 a year per agent. Franchise fees can also continue regardless of total sales.

At Beach Cities Properties, there are no overhead franchise fees. On the buyer’s side, agents pay a 90/10 percent split until they hit $5,000 per year. Then, they’re done paying out for the year. On the seller’s side, agents keep 100 percent of the listings 100 percent of the time.

“Nobody that I know of has anything close to that,” Tanner said. “Financially, it can keep a lot of money in the agent’s pocket.”

And that’s the part that makes agents and their clients happy. An agent at Beach Cities Properties has the financial flexibility to truly run their own business. They can spend money on the marketing they want and be their own brand.

Whether you are buying or selling a home, you should be looking for an agent who can put you first. It’s nice to know that Beach Cities agents can pay-forward all the benefits of their brokerage to their customers. After all, what are we all looking for? A little friendliness, a little face-time, and a little extra money in our pocket!

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