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Static Salon Fundraises for Local Woman Fighting Breast Cancer

Static Salon provides more than excellent hair styling—owner RaChelle and her all-female power team are huge advocates for community. Their mission is to encourage everyone to make a difference. Because community is so important to RaChelle and her team, they are currently raising money to help Long Beach resident Yve Hart fight breast cancer.

Yve Hart lives in Long Beach with her family and is very passionate about Long Beach and helping others. A year ago, she was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer and had a lumpectomy surgery that, unfortunately, was not covered by insurance. In April 2018, the cancer came back and today, her out-of-pocket medical expenses continue to grow causing a tremendous burden for her and her family.

Static Salon is trying to help Yve raise money to cover her medical expenses, but they need your help!

Now, at the salon, you’ll find a new addition to the front desk and stylists’ stations: WooWooHeart. WooWooHeart is a local, handcrafted jewelry brand that offers a selection of beautiful gemstone bracelets.

Each bracelet is made with a rose quartz, selenite, and rhodochrosite bead. The combination of crystals promotes positivity, love, and peace. You can purchase a bracelet for $20 and 100 percent of the proceeds will go to Yve in support of her fight against breast cancer.

Great service goes beyond the chair for Static Salon. It involves bettering the community and helping others. Static Salon invites you to participate in a fundraiser for Yve on Saturday, Oct. 13. During the salon’s regular Saturday business hours, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., $5 from every haircut will go towards Yve’s fight against breast cancer.

For information on Static Salon’s services and efforts to support the community, visit


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