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"Going Beyond The Breakfast Burrito Norm"

If you haven’t hopped on the breakfast burrito bandwagon yet, wake up. It’s 2018 and this is Southern California. Nothing is more delicious, versatile, and mobile for breakfast/lunch than a good breakfast burrito. Long Beach has many good ones, but Sideyard Café is taking things to the next level getting a bit more creative with their morning wraps.

I’ve had their “classic” breakfast burritos many times and they’re always solid as expected. But when the “Messy Jessy” went up on the specials board I had to try it. Eggs, green onions, ham, cream cheese and Raspberry Chipotle sauce. Wow.

The taste is pretty ridiculous. I don’t have to tell you that when the ham, cream cheese, and raspberry flavors mix, your taste buds wag their tail a bit.

The Messy Jessy is fondly named after one of Sideyard’s own cooks. Mr. Jesse Valencia. Rumor has it that when left alone in the kitchen to cook, the “messy” side of Jesse comes out. Co-working survivors conjure images of dirty pots and pans, strings of melted cheese across countertops, and an apron that…well let’s just say if his apron could tell stories, they would be sad, sad stories.

Just kidding. I actually have no proof that Jesse is in fact messy, but after trying that burrito, I can say Jesse, it’s an absolute honor to have that thing named after you.

The other burrito of note is the new “Mexican Breakfast Burrito.” Egss, black beans, green onions, cilantro, and pepper jack cheese, but the real kicker is the slow-baked pulled pork. The same tender delicious pork as Sideyard Café uses in their sliders. Let’s be honest we’ve all always wanted pulled pork for breakfast, we just didn’t want to look weird.

Thanks to Sideyard Café, now no one will know that what’s wrapped in that burrito is a savory hunk of meat that is challenging our old-fashion meat-eating-time-of-day values to their very core! Oh yeah and you get Raspberry Chipotle sauce with this one too, because that sauce makes everything better.

Grab a breakfast burrito from Sideyard Café today. They serve ‘em all day from 8am till dinner, dine-in or to-go.


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