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Purchase a Pinch of Peace at Miyamo Gift Shop

Are you feeling stressed about going back to school or about life in general? Visit the Miyamo gift shop in the Parkview Village shopping center and pick up a jar of the “Pinch Me Therapy Dough”—a substance designed to relieve stress.

“It’s a holistic alternative to a lot of anti-anxiety medication,” said Miyamo manager Kyle Montooth.

The Pinch Me Therapy Dough jars come in different aromatherapy formulas—each gives off a unique, heavenly smell. Simply put, Pinch Me Therapy Dough is “relaxation in a pinch.” The professionally-developed stress relief formulas are crafted in Delaware and sold at various locations, including Miyamo.

You can roll the pliable dough around in your hands or between your fingers and enjoy the fragrant smells, including “Spa,” “Ocean” or Montooth’s favorite, the yellow jar known as “Sun.”

“It smells like smarties candies,” Montooth said with a twist of the cap. “I actually used Pinch Me Therapy Dough to quit smoking. I smoked for 15 years, and when I turned 30, I said, ‘That’s enough.’ So I would have a jar in my car. I would squeeze it in my hand to take my mind off of having a cigarette. And it worked!”

Montooth says that sometimes, you’ll find yourself forgetting the dough is even in your hands.

“It’s great for stress reduction,” said Montooth, who added that a local special education teacher comes to Miyamo to buy the dough for her students. “It’s non-toxic and it centers your mind and realigns your thinking, so you can focus better,” he said.

Pinch Me Therapy Dough is just one of many items sold at Miyamo that have “purpose behind the purchase.” When you buy a jar at Miyamo, you provide a half-day of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) treatment for veterans.

“It’s another product that we sell that helps give back,” Montooth said.

Stop by Miyamo gift shop located at 4105 N. Bellflower Blvd and check out Miyamo on Facebook.


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