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Gambling Gamechangers Week 2

High school football season is back in Long Beach and 908 Sports has all the information for your betting needs.

***No this is not real gambling so please do not report to councilwoman Suzie Price***

Cabrillo at Summit (-2.5)

Tough matchup for Cabrillo last week. Bellflower was a little bit better than I thought they’d be. Bosco didn’t take ALL of the talent in the city, I guess.

This week should be different. The Cabrillo defense actually didn’t look that bad last week. They’re BIG up front and they got after the passer okay. The Jags go to Summit in Fontana where, as history tells us, Long Beach dominates 909ers. Summit literally scored zero points last week, which brought their average to zero on the season. And if we combined their two games in week one, Cabrillo would’ve won 13-0.

Cabrillo wins this game behind Brandon Vazquez’s two TD passes. The Jags are gonna want to run the football with their horse, Fesoeh Kaowili, and that’ll open the passing attack. Cabrillo 20 Summit 7.

Jordan (-13.5) vs. Rancho Dominguez

This was recently brought to my attention: Rancho Dominguez is actually a Long Beach high school. Had no idea. I’ve never been a fan of “Long Beach on Long Beach” crime when it comes to non-league, but somebody has to come out on top.

I’m not even sure if Rancho Dominguez actually exists because I’ve never seen them in real life, but this could be just a walk-thru for the Panthers. 11-on-air is what we like to call it.

Jordan favored by 13.5? Expect head coach Tim Wedlow to get his first W. Senior Isaac White won’t have less than two touchdowns for the Panthers. Jordan 28 Rancho Dominguez 6.

Compton (-13.5) vs. Santa Monica

If you didn’t think Compton would come through for you last week, after being favored by four touchdowns against Compton Centennial, you’re out of your mind. Easy cash when betting on the Tarbabes. I’d do it again.

Santa Monica couldn’t stop the Wing-T offense last season and I wouldn’t expect anything different this year. Like novocaine, just give it time and it always works. Head coach Calvin Bryant has his boys rolling.

Running backs Niles Hibbert and Terrance Pratt will have two touchdowns apiece. Compton by two scores easy. Compton 34 Santa Monica 14.

Millikan (-2.5) at Gahr

It wasn’t pretty last week for Millikan at Carson. The offense got popped in the mouth while the defense stood tough. But a W is a W. This is what they needed, so mark me down as officially NOT worried.

The Rams have great success at Gahr à la the fall of 2009. I’d expect a similar result. Defense always comes before offense when the season starts, and the Millikan defense looks hungry under head coach Justin Utupo. They’ll get after the passer leading to interceptions by both Albert Fuller and De’jon Vanhook, which will spark the offense.

Expect A LOT of yards through the air for Junior quarterback Qeanu Campbell-Caldwell and two rushing touchdowns for senior running back Q Campbell. Millikan 21 Gahr 13.

Poly (-6.5) vs. Narbonne

My bad on the Poly pick last week. I had the Jackrabbits winning 36-6 over Dorsey, but the final was actually 37-8. I apologize to all the readers out there.

This should be a tougher matchup with Narbonne at home this week though, hence Poly only being favored by a touchdown. Narbonne is somehow good for the 32nd straight season, yet I still don’t know what city it’s in. Their schedule is also a joke because every matchup is an absolute slugfest from here on out.

I was very impressed with 908 Athlete of the Week CJ Montes in week one. Poly’s sophomore quarterback stepped up in a big moment and proved he can play in big games. Narbonne will be a big test for him, but he’ll shine with two touchdowns, one rushing and one in the air to Kenyon Reed. As always, the Jackrabbit defense will show up. Poly 21 Narbonne 6.

Wilson vs. San Dimas (-6.5)

Okay, so Mayfair was a little bit better than we all thought last week. I still think Wilson gets them nine out of 10 times.

Last week was a learning experience for Zig and the Bruins, and we all know you can’t win a title after week one. Mistakes will be corrected, you can bet on that. But as we learned from “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure,” “San Dimas High football rules!” If that’s the case, we’re in trouble.

San Dimas is favored by 6.5 points, but expect Wilson to cover. Junior quarterback Ryan Pettway is good for at least three touchdown passes. Two to Zechariah Dolphin and one to Dillon Harris. San Dimas 30 Wilson 28.

St. Anthony at Warren (-6.5)

St. Anthony got blanked last week on the road at Valencia with a lot of silly mistakes, but they have weapons on offense and they’ll be fine.

Warren is another one of those schools that wants to be Long Beach SO bad and I don’t really blame them. They went out and got former Poly head coach Raul Lara a few years back and he’s somewhat resurrected the program. Also, the city of Downey went out and painted every single light post purple, which just so happens to be St. Anthony’s team colors. Hmm.

The Purple People Eaters are the real deal and always will be under head coach Mario Morales. I’ve got two touchdown catches for Eamon Pool-Harris from quarterback Nick Billoups in my stone cold lock of the week. Absolutely hammer this one. St. Anthony 21 Warren 20.

Lakewood at Windermere Prep, FL (-6.5)

Honestly, I’ve never heard of Windermere Prep in Florida, I’m just jealous that Lakewood got to go on vacation. But you know who I have heard of? Lakewood senior running back Sebastian Kronberger.

First off, he’s got a great John Houseman name – Kronberger. Second, it feels like he’s been at Lakewood since 2003 and has put up numbers every single year he’s been there. He’ll rush for 200 yards this week in Florida since the air is thicker for the defense.

Unless Windermere Prep is code word for “we get to recruit anyone we want to come to our school…” I’d take Lakewood in this one by two scores. It might feel like a vacation for the Lancers, but they know they have a quick three-hour shift on Friday night. Lakewood 34 Windermere Prep 21.


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