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J&L Jewelry: A Precious Community Gem

With tears in his eyes, a customer approached J&L Jewelry owner Janis Krantz during the store’s trunk show one day.

“He told me, ‘You know, the world changes all around—businesses change, they come and go, so many fail, but here at J&L Jewelry, everything stays the same.’ This guy made me want to cry too,” Krantz said. “This customer has been coming to our trunk shows since we opened, and I can’t tell you how much it means to me that someone like that can get that emotional about a jewelry store.”

Family-owned and operated, J&L Jewelry is not your typical jewelry store. They hold trunk shows at the store three times a year, in the spring, summer, and fall, when customers can enjoy a full meal and hang out while shopping for jewelry. At the trunk shows, people are in-and-out shopping and having a good time.

“Our customers become our friends,” Krantz said. “It’s a happy, family place, one of those places that hopefully people will feel comfortable coming in to.”

At the last J&L Jewelry trunk show, held in mid-June, customers were treated to a summer barbecue and special jewelry sale. Customers also bring their own chairs and sit in front of the store to socialize, and vendors bring their product lines.

The next show will be held in early November, and Krantz says customers who attend will be treated to a full-on Thanksgiving meal with all the trimmings.

“We try to thank our customers,” Krantz said of the purpose of the trunk shows. “We really have something for everybody here, for every budget, and we have access to a lot of suppliers who can get anything you want in the jewelry and gift area.”

In addition, J&L Jewelry will take in repairs of any kind, from costume jewelry to fine jewelry. The store also repairs watches and clocks.

“We have a great clock man who does excellent repairs for a nominal fee,” Krantz said. “He’s a retired engineer and he fixes clocks as a hobby. He’s just the nicest man ever, and whatever he makes on repairing clocks and watches, he donates to his church.”

For decades, J&L Jewelry has been much more than just a jewelry store—it’s a place to gather with friends and family, socialize, and find that perfect gift for yourself or loved one—all at the same time.

J&L Jewelry is located on Los Coyotes Diagonal and Ximeno Avenue in the Marshalls and In-N-Out Burger Shopping Center. For more information on J&L Jewelry, visit their website at, or call (562) 986-4380.


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