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Fun Fact: The First Congregational Church of Long Beach

The First Congregational Church of Long Beach is a nationally registered historic landmark. Jotham and Margaret Bixby founded the church in 1888 and since then, the church has gone through three different buildings. The current structure that stands today was built in 1914 and it was completed in one year.

Architect Henry Patterson, from Montana, constructed the massive church located on the corner of Third Street and Cedar Avenue. The detailed red brickwork on the building’s exterior is a large part of the church’s iconic splendor, making it an easily recognizable sight not just for locals, but for people visiting the area as well. Joseph Evan MacKay, famous for his art deco style, designed the interior of the church and the stained glass windows. Today, the church sanctuary is as awe-inspiring as ever with its large, stained glass doors and windows, high ceiling, and bodacious features.

The church has been the host to civic meetings, theater performances, and has been a very popular place to film movies and television shows—for more on that, check out the Summer 2018 issue of Long Beach 908 Magazine, dropping on doorsteps in August.


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