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From Birth to Adulthood, Dr. Denise Jones Provides Care for All

Dr. Denise M. Jones strives to go the extra step for her patients and has dedicated her free time to attending seminars to continually learn more about chiropractic care. Not only does Dr. Jones treat adults, but for over 19 years, she has also treated infants and pregnant mothers, with her youngest patient being 72 hours.

She recalls the child’s parents, who she had treated previously, bringing their child to her directly from the hospital to treat his torticollis, the spasm of muscles, which prevented him from turning his head.

“The hospital said to massage it and it’ll go away,” she said. “So on the way home, they came here so I can adjust the baby.”

Dr. Jones put him on her chest, adjusted him, and he finally turned his head.

“[It was the] best adjustment of my life,” Dr. Jones said. “It really was.”

Parents typically bring their babies in for ear infections, asthma and digestive issues, all health issues that Dr. Jones can assist with. Although babies are much easier to adjust than adults, she describes it to be much more rewarding.

In a separate occurrence, a baby (pictured above) was not turning his head when the mother would breastfeed him. The baby had a minor stiff neck and digestive reflex. After treating him four to five times, he was able to move his neck and no longer suffered from digestive reflex.

Typically, parents only bring in their infants when something is wrong. But when Dr. Jones treats regular patients who are also mothers, they’ll sometimes bring their children in for a check-up to ensure that there are no red flags.

“I do like when they bring them in during mom’s visit,” Dr. Jones said. “So I can check them out and make sure everything is well.”

Pregnant women also visit Dr. Jones to ensure their sacrum is aligned and can easily open for natural childbirth. Their entire center of gravity changes when pregnancy occurs, causing strains in the lower back area.

“With the center of gravity shift, women often get sciatica, which is a horrible pain down the leg,” she said. “You can’t take painkillers or any medication when you are pregnant, so generally speaking, a chiropractor can help.”

Dr. Jones treats patients throughout their entire pregnancy, especially those who were patients prior to becoming pregnant. Their deliveries become relatively easy when their sacrum and back are opening up properly, making childbirth comfortable and not forceful—there is no suffering.

“I get choked up about it,” she said. “I really care what happens. This is my calling and I love doing what I do. It’s an honor to have people trust her with that [babies and pregnancies].”

Those interested in chiropractic care from Denise Jones, DC, can give her a call at (562) 588-7500. She is more than happy to consult with anyone, as her ultimate goal is to help everyone with any type of chiropractic care.


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