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Reduce, Recycle and Give Back: Free Shred and E-Waste Events

The Free Shred and E-Waste events, hosted by Michele K, have become something of a Long Beach tradition.

Over the years, these events have become not only a time to get rid of household undesirables, but also a fun time to say “hi” to friends in the community, have some cookies and snacks, and enjoy the day. Just one of many community events hosted by realtor Michele K throughout the year, the shred and e-waste events help local schools as well.

“I have been sponsoring shred and e-waste events to benefit area schools since 2009,” said Michele Kreinheder. “I am quite proud of these events.”

Michele K will host her 17th shred and e-waste event on Saturday, Nov. 3, from 9 a.m. to noon at Wilson High School. During this event, see your documents shred before your eyes on-site by Southern California Shredding Inc. It is safe, secure, quick, easy and fun! You also don’t have to worry about removing clips, staples or rubber bands on items brought. No magazines, newspapers, or x-rays will be accepted, and it is requested to take any boxes or bags home with you.

The e-waste collection, which is provided by Omni-Tech out of Los Alamitos, is one way to help raise funds for Wilson’s Female Leadership Academy, a sponsor for the event. Bring computers, televisions, and printers for collection; however, it is asked that no light bulbs are brought to the event.

You can also bring your household batteries to discard as part of Michele K’s personal passion and green contribution—look for collection buckets marked “batteries” at the e-waste event, and they will be taken to the EDCO Hazardous Waste collection for safe disposal.

“We use these events to encourage proper disposal of household batteries,” Michele K said. “Preventing the disposal of batteries in general trash collection is serious business.”

There is also no fee for this service, but donations to the Female Leadership Academy are highly appreciated.

If you have any questions about the Free Shred and E-Waste events, do not hesitate to contact Michele K at (562) 243-2171 or send an email to

The Spring 2019 event will be held at Millikan High School on April 20, 2019—just two days before Earth Day. Sign up for the Michele K Newsletter to receive updates and get in the know by visiting


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