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Adding a Personal Touch with Custom Drapery

Imagine going into several stores and not finding any drapery that perfectly matches your current home decor. Or, you finally found the perfect pattern, only to realize it is not the right size for the living room window. And after various hours or even days of looking, settling with drapery that is not personally appealing seems like the only solution — but luckily, it is not.

Custom drapery is the solution to this interior design problem. From picking out the exact material, length and pleats, an individual’s drapery vision can come to life.

At Interior Style Designs, owner Jessica Goodman helps clients create their own drapery to perfectly match any home decor. From asking a list of questions before the initial meeting at her clients’ home, to getting to know their client’s taste, Jessica strives to make the endless customizing process easy.

Based on the information she gathers from the initial phone meeting, Jessica will bring various styles, colors and pattern fabric booklets to the first in-person meeting at the clients’ home.

“Drapery is very personal, so I usually come back with more fabrics after I go out and see [a client] and their home,” she said.

Jessica also encourages customers to send her any inspiration boards or ideas ahead of time so it is easier to pinpoint a design for them. From the drapery hardware and rods to the framing and pleats, everything is completely customizable.

Iron hardware is the most popular, and there are over 40 colors to choose from including brushed nickel and brushed gold. The framing finish can range from crystals to metals, depending on the customer’s preference.

Different pleats, the pinch at the top of the drapery, are also available. One of the most popular is the euro pleat, which is a double pinch, but it can be customized to be a triple if a customer wants it to look fuller with more fabric.

“There is also an inverted pleat with a memory stitching so it holds the shape when moving the curtain,” Jessica said. “So as you pull the drapery across it holds that shape.”

Inverted pleats without memory stitching are also available. For those who are looking for drapery to block sunlight in their bedrooms or baby rooms, blackout lining can be added as well.

“People usually want drapery for sliding doors and larger windows,” Jessica said. “Others order drapery just for the sides to have something soft, and then have shutters and shades in the window to add texture to the room.”

Interior Style Designs stays away from catalog style, allowing drapery to be fully customizable. Jessica’s 14 years of experience, along with sales associate Terri and her 25 years of experience, allows this family-owned interior design company to create the perfect drapery for your home.

If you want to add a personal touch with custom drapery, please call Interior Style Designs at (562) 799-3900 or visit their website at


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