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Best Thing I Saw…LeBron and Bronny to LA

“LeBron James has agreed to a 4-year, $154M deal with the Lakers”

Yeah, I read that about 45 times before I believed it. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE IN LONG BEACH!

The LA Lakers are immediately relevant again, which is great for everyone, even if you’re not a Lakers fan. In June, when LeBron is in the NBA Finals for the ninth straight season, Long Beach bars are going to be INSANE. Breakfast shots on me at EJ Malloy’s if you mention “The Chosen One.” ***WARNING may not be true***

And all of you Kobe Bryant diehards out there, all pissed off asking, “Well what about Kobe’s legacy?”…Kobe’s legacy is FINE. It’s not like the NBA’s gonna just take his five titles away. We’re not gonna forget about Kobe Bryant just because the King is in town now. Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle were both New York Yankees and that ended up being okay for everyone (except maybe the Red Sox). So everyone just relax and enjoy the show.

But let’s get to the real question everybody cares about – where should LeBron James Jr. go to high school in two years?

Sierra Canyon High School in Chatsworth has the best odds so far, but don’t put it past the Moore League schools to land “Bronny.” Here are my official scenarios for LeBron sending his son to each high school in the Moore League:

Long Beach Poly

I mean you gotta start with Poly High School because it’s literally the home of scholars AND champions. It’s the Mecca of Moore League schools, just ask any Poly alum and they’ll remind you.

I’d compare Poly to the Lakers because they have a ton of history, a ton of banners, and a ridiculous amount of superstars. The latest superstar Poly’s produced is NBA champion Jordan Bell. They must be doing something right over at Poly because all they produce is winners. Bell’s NBA championships to years pro ratio is 1:1. That’s 100 percent for people who aren’t gifted with arithmetic. Also, all the long-time Laker fans know that LeBron loves to join superteams so don’t be surprised if Bronny ends up at Poly.


Wilson High School is the Cleveland of Moore League schools (please credit John Grossi aka “The Boss Man” for that take). We say that because it’s gritty and the athletic program is back on the rise. Wilson baseball went to the CIF-SS semis last season, Wilson football went to the CIF-SS semis two seasons ago, and Wilson basketball is relevant again with head coach James Boykin at the helm. The same goes for Cleveland. The Indians have been solid lately, the Cavaliers made it to four straight NBA Finals, and Long Beach’s own Joel Bitonio will most likely take the Browns to the playoffs this fall.

We all know how much LeBron loves the city of Cleveland and he’s all about bringing a title back to the city, so what better spot than Wilson High School for his son to do the same.


Millikan High School is like the San Diego of the Moore League. It’s a great location, a great place to visit, and you can never count it out as your destination. Once you get back from vacation from San Diego you think, “Man, that was actually a really fun time. I could see myself living there.”

But also just like San Diego, Millikan is prone to important people leaving. The Chargers, who meant a lot to the city, left for Los Angeles, while former basketball coach Chris Francis resigned from Millikan last season. It’ll be tough to fill the void left by both.


When you think of Lakewood High School, you’re primarily thinking about the baseball program because it’s been a dynasty for so many years. My mind immediately goes to St. Louis because the Cardinals are somehow ALWAYS good. The Lakewood football program has disappeared the last couple of years just like St. Louis Rams and the same goes for basketball, as it’s been nonexistent in the city.

But the one thing you can count on with Lakewood is that they have a diehard fan base that always comes out and supports. Could be a nice spotlight for the James family when the time comes.


DeMar DeRozan is a Compton alum and always gives back to his alma mater. The Compton High School gymnasium is even named after DeRozan after his generous donations over the past few years. Needless to say, the James family always seems to dominate in DeRozan’s building and to me, Bronny to Compton High is a no-brainer.


It’s always tough to play at J-Town aka Jordan High School. There’s a big-time home-court advantage for the Panthers at Ron Massey Court. Therefore Jordan High School is like playing in Denver in my opinion, a spot where LeBron has never played well in his career because of the altitude change.

I’m thinking LeBron takes that into consideration where his son can turn that disadvantage into an advantage of his own. When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade, and I think LeBron knows that better than anybody. Don’t be shocked if Bronny takes his talents to the Northside.


Cabrillo is the newest and hippest high school in Long Beach. It’s got great facilities and I don’t even think they need to wear school uniforms like some of the other Moore League schools do. It’s taking over like the city of Seattle. Everyone is moving to Seattle nowadays, and even though it doesn’t have a basketball team anymore, they’re looking to get a franchise back there as soon as possible.

I can’t think of a better spot for Bronny than Cabrillo, where he can build the program from the ground up and cement his legacy in the city of Long Beach.

With all that being said, you’re welcome Long Beach for me bringing LeBron James Jr. to the Moore League. And I know I said some really nice stuff about LeBron earlier, but if he sends his son to Mater Dei, I’ll never root for him again. That would be a real shame.

Have a good week LB!


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