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Drop, Cover and Get Insured

As a child, we were taught to drop, cover and hold on during earthquake drills in school. With earthquakes occurring often due to various fault lines in Southern California, it is important for us to know how to instantly handle the situation. However, many do not know about the precautions we can take to better prepare for this natural hazard, like purchasing earthquake insurance.

It may seem a little risky to spend money on a potential disaster like "the big one," but investing in earthquake insurance is important, especially for homes with equity.

“About under 15 percent [of homes] have earthquake insurance because it is not federally regulated,” said Insurance Agent Gregory Gath. “It is considered a state problem.”

The State of California requires the homeowners' insurance companies to send an offer every other year to those who have the policy, said Gath. The deductible often scares homeowners, but earthquake insurance is designed to help people get back on their feet.

“If we talk about homeowner insurance, we talk about earthquake insurance,” Gath said.

While the government tries to help during a disaster with grants, there are limited amounts of free money. Many homeowners end up taking out loans, which becomes another payment they need to worry about. With earthquake insurance, homeowners choose what they want to be covered and what is most suitable for their budget.

At Don Gath Insurance Agency, agents strive to help their clients understand earthquake insurance and make an educated decision. From going over information on the California Earthquake Authority (CEA) website to showing the variety of coverage available, agents aim to get people thinking about a plan for when a major earthquake occurs.

To learn more about earthquake preparedness and how to keep your home safe, call Don Gath Insurance Agency at (562) 498-6701.


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