Shoot Your Shot with Tony Azevedo

Here are some highlights from our interview with 5-time U.S. Olympian Tony Azevedo aka the greatest American water polo player of all time. He hosts the Aquatic Games in Long Beach this Summer starting June 29th. Also, BREAKING NEWS...He was named Pac-12 Men's Water Polo Player of the Century three years ago.

Listen to the Podcast:

Happy D-Day Week! We sat down with the greatest American water polo player of all-time, Tony Azevedo aka the Savior. He talked about the upcoming Aquatic Games in Long Beach and his new 6-8 app coming out to help advance the sport (12:24-44:31). We’re the official podcast of the countdown to the 2028 Olympics in LA. What are we looking forward to most? (4:21-10:13). We brought in a new segment called ‘Are we old yet?’ (45:50-49:10). We called a very special mystery guest (49:55-55:56) As always we ended the show with the 908 Athlete of the Week. This week is Wilson sophomore Rachel Glenn (58:57-1:03:40)

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