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Best Thing I Saw…Wilson’s Rachel Glenn Is My State Champion

I have to start by saying congratulations to Wilson High School sophomore Rachel Glenn. In her first year as a track and field high jumper, she was crowned CIF State co-champion after clearing 5’10” at the state meet in Clovis. I mean, she didn’t even try this season. She basically just rolled out of bed and immediately became the best high jumper in California. How can you be so naturally gifted at something? Crazy.

But, you DID read that correctly—she was crowned co-champion. There were two winners. How can CIF let that happen? What went so poorly in our society that this level of softness trickled down to the CIF State track and field meet? Mind-boggling.

“The officials didn’t want to do a jump-off,” Rachel Glenn said in an interview with “I think it would’ve been nice to win by myself.”

Uhhh, yeah because she’s a competitor, and CIF just took that away from her. It’s like when Ricky Bobby and Jean Girard crashed on the final lap at Talladega in the movie “Talladega Nights.” Both got out of their cars and sprinted to the finish line. As Ricky Bobby said, “If you ain’t first, you’re last.” Rachel Glenn is Ricky Bobby.

She cleared 5’11” earlier this season and I bet she believed that she could do it again. She wanted to win. That’s why we compete. Why else would she have made the trip to Clovis? To just get away for the weekend? No, it’s literally one of the worst vacation destinations on planet Earth.

She’s also one of the nicest girls of all-time because she said she’s happy for Abbie Burke, the other co-champion from Riverside Poly High School.

“She’s a senior and I’m glad she got the opportunity to win before she left,” Glenn said.

She’s a total sweetheart and a waaaay better person than I am. I have no time for the seniority card. And that goes for any sport. I’m tired of people thinking that a senior is entitled to play or get an award because they’ve been there longer…nope. If you’re not good enough, you shouldn’t play. Welcome to the real world.

You’re my high jump champion, Rachel Glenn. CIF is just trying to keep Long Beach down, AGAIN.

On a whole different topic, this Dick Fosbury guy gets too much credit. That’s all I have to say about that. Have a good week, Long Beach.


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