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Living the American Dream — Advanced Auto Service and Tires

Meet Celine and Jamel Taibi, the French owners of Advanced Auto Service and Tires located on Anaheim Street!

The owners of Advanced Auto Service and Tires, located at 3040 E. Anaheim St., are originally from Angers, France.

“It’s on the Loire Valley — they have the best wine there,” said co-owner Celine Taibi. “And we moved to Paris in 2006.”

Celine’s husband and co-owner of the business, Jamel, worked as a mechanic for seven years in Angers. He also worked as a sales rep manager for auto repair equipment and diagnostics in Paris and the French suburbs.

In 2008, the couple took a trip around the world for 18 months. They fell in love with Los Angeles on the last stop of their travels and wanted to stay, so the couple went back to Paris and worked hard for eight years, saved every penny, and were finally able to purchase their dream auto repair shop in America.

“[Jamel] has a great passion for cars and any motorized vehicle,” Celine said of her husband who has been in the automotive industry for over a decade.

“We arrived in Long Beach four months ago to take over Advanced Auto Service and Tires,” Celine said. “We repair all types of cars — diesel, gas hybrid, and electric, from the oldest to the newest, and we do all types of mechanical repairs and maintenance. We also fix eclectic issues and perform diagnostics.”

Although they provide many services, the highest virtue for Celine and Jamel when running their business is integrity.

“We are honest and trustworthy, and we give the best advice to our customers about their cars. We have two really good mechanics and we provide the best customer service.”

For those hitting the road this summer for vacation, Celine says it is important to check your car before taking it to the highway.

“Especially the tires, [getting] an oil change, and checking all fluids and brakes. It’s safer to have a professional look at the car, and it’s easier to fix what’s wrong with it before [the car] has issues.”

Celine also says, for those people thinking about buying a used car, it’s safer to do a pre-purchase inspection to be sure the car is in good health and not a “lemon” with several manufacturing defects.

“We provide this service; we also do pre-smog check inspections to be sure the car will pass the test of those long road trips.”

For more information about Advanced Auto Service and Tires, visit or call 562-438-5815.


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