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A PRIME Dining Experience

Check out the new backyard banquet area at PRIME by Shenandoah, which feature picnic tables large enough for all your friends and family!

The new backyard banquet area at PRIME by Shenandoah has become a wildly popular and successful Long Beach hangout.

The dining area, which can be booked by reservation, has recently been renovated and includes large picnic tables that can accommodate about 30 people.

“We didn’t realize how big this was going to be, but ‘the backyard’ has been something we’ve been wanting to do since we opened,” said PRIME’s general manager Liam Brennan. “At night, it’s even more beautiful with the lit tiki torches, heaters, and trees strung with LED lighting. We are also growing our own vegetable garden in the backyard as well.”

When Clint Wilson, the son of Shenandoah at the Arbor owners Rick and Jill Wilson, set out to open up his own restaurant, he wanted to reimagine the popular outdoor food scene from his parents’ restaurant — still serving the classic, beloved recipes of Shenandoah as well as a unique seasonal menu with locally-sourced, “prime” ingredients.

“It’s fine dining in a more casual setting,” Brennan said.

Clint Wilson worked at his parents’ Shenandoah at the Arbor since he was a kid. Brennan not only is Wilson’s general manager at PRIME, but a good friend.

“[Clint] loves to travel and eat food. He went to Vietnam before opening PRIME and it really opened his eyes to a bunch of different cuisines...he really modeled [PRIME by Shenandoah] after Austin’s [Texas], food scene with its vibrant, outdoor food culture.”

PRIME is particularly proud of their Piedmontese beef, which is used to make their popular hamburgers. The meat is imported from Nebraska, with the cattle originating from Northern Italy, and is a leaner cut of meat.

“If you see these cows, they just look healthier; they are absolutely shredded,” Brennan said. “Piedmontese is one of the most premium beef on the market. “It not only tastes better — it’s juicy, tender, flavorful — but it’s better for you too.”

Wednesdays are coined “Pints and Piedmontese” nights when beers are $5 and the Piedmontese burgers are just $10. PRIME has specials every night of the week, the most popular being Taco Tuesdays.

“We take everything that’s on the menu and turn it into tacos,” Brennan said. “We’re talking Granny’s fried chicken tacos, prime rib tacos, fried cheese and chorizo tacos, vegan tacos. You can get three for $10 and mix-and-match. It’s like a Saturday here on Tuesdays.”

Located on 4th Street, PRIME by Shenandoah has been open for two years, and Brennan says the restaurant has already accumulated a large following. It has been ranked in the top five by Yelp as one of the best places for comfort food in the United States.

“I would say about 50 percent of our customers come in here at least once a week.” Brennan said.

Visit to learn more about PRIME by Shenandoah or call 562-439-0605 to make a reservation. Check out PRIME’s Instagram to stay up to date on

weekly specials.


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