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Static Salon: Your Hair Color Experts

Summertime is filled with day trips to the beach and many more outside activities and adventures. For the busy bee who wants to do it all and keep their locks looking vibrant all summer long, Static Salon knows the ins and outs of long-lasting color.

Everything is Personalized to Your Needs

At Static Salon, you definitely don’t receive a service that’s “one size fits all.” That’s because Static knows everyone’s hair requires a different approach. From the moment you step into the salon, the stylists take the time to learn about your individual needs.

They can tell when someone has a congested scalp and needs a deep cleanse before coloring. This is when they use a clarifying shampoo before color application, so your hair becomes more porous and accepting of color. They can also tell if your hair feels damaged and needs some TLC, which includes using fortifying and moisturizing products. And if you’re going lighter than your natural hair color, they add the Brazilian Bond Builder into the dye mixture to protect your hair while achieving a lighter shade.

Using Quality Products

At-home care is very important to protecting color in between touch-ups that are usually occurring four to six weeks. Not only does Static Salon tailor their service to their clients’ needs, they also recommend superior products from Aveda to remedy the hair.

Aveda’s products are formulated to be effective, but forgiving, on color. The Damage Remedy line offered at Static Salon is infused with quinoa protein, which rebuilds the strength of your hair without creating buildup. The Sun Care line removes chlorine and salt, and it also includes the Protective Hair Veil that has a UV filter to protect your hair and scalp from the sun’s harsh rays.

If you experience some irritation after color, Static Salon also has a solution for that. The Pamāsana treatment helps cure an irritated scalp. It’s the perfect trifecta consisting of a cleanser, protective scalp treatment, and brush that help to exfoliate the scalp and balance sebum levels.

For overall color care, the Color Conserve line offers a range of products from shampoo and conditioner to a leave-in treatment that will help seal in color and prevent fading.

Set the Tone

Keeping the tone of your hair color can be a daunting challenge especially in the summer with environmental factors playing a huge role in fading color. Luckily, Static Salon carries specialized toning shampoos and conditioners from Aveda. Black Malva, Clove, Blue Malva, Camomile, and Madder Root are the different options that will revive tones such as ash blonde, honey blonde, caramel, chestnut, and red in your hair!

Static Salon knows how to transform your hair color and set you up with the right tools to sustain that hair color all summer long! From application and processing to washing, styling and suggesting an at home remedy, Static Salon are experts in locking in color.

Contact Static Salon at (562) 430-5100 to book an appointment today! Visit their website:


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