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How Your Business Can Sign Up On Our App!

Calling all business owners!

The comprehensive local search engine on the 908 App works best when more businesses participate. And when it works its best, it helps connect thousands of Long Beach residents to local businesses!

Set up Your Profile

The basic concept of our search engine is that every single business and organization in and around Long Beach can have its own profile on our app, complete with high-quality pictures, a description, and all basic contact information including phone number, hours of operation, and links to your website and social media. If we haven't already created a profile for your business, please contact us immediately to do so! The price to set up a profile on our app is only $45!

Release Content Through Our App

Businesses looking to make the most of the 908 App will utilize our option to release content through our app. Starting at $30/month, let us build your online profile by releasing articles and videos highlighting the many positive aspects of your businesses!

"Content," more so than traditional ads, is the most important and effective strategy in digital advertising right now. By letting us highlight the diverse and specific characteristics that make your business unique, you can constantly remind Long Beach residents "who" you really are and "why" they should support you.

In addition to each new piece of content showing up on our homepage feed and being shared across social media to thousands of readers, your content is stored on the "articles and videos" page on your profile. Over time, as your profile improves on our app, residents will get a better feel for who you are and will be more likely to patronize your business.

With starting pricing at only $30/month and the wide reach this content will receive on our app, your own websites, and social media, Long Beach 908 hopes to make this new concept of online content marketing a no-brainer for your business!

Contact us now to learn more about content marketing and building your business's best profile on the 908 App!



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