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Valedictorian Showcase: Wilson High School

Meet Wilson’s Class of 2018 Valedictorians! This year, there are 20 remarkable individuals who have received this title!

Meet Wilson’s valedictorians. While all stellar students, each of them have unique personalities and passions and are ready to conquer the world upon graduation. Here is a special look at the people to watch for in the future.

Monserrat Arguello

JM: What were some of your favorite clubs you belonged to at Wilson?

MA: I was involved in several clubs here at Wilson including Z Girls and I really enjoyed being a part of drama all four years with Mr. Bowden.

What is your dream job?

MA: I am an aspiring doctor

Lucas Dysart

JM: What were some of your favorite activities while in high School at Wilson?

LD: While in high school I worked as an assistant director for a theatre company in Long Beach called the Long Beach Landmark Theatre. I’ve also taken classes at Long Beach City College while in high school as part of the concurrent credit program.

JM: That’s neat! What were some of your favorite subjects you got to explore at LBC?

LD: I got to take classes like philosophy and astronomy, so that was pretty cool.

Jenna Texeira

JM: Congrats on being named one of Wilson’s Valedictorians! What made you want to be a Wilson Bruin in the first place?

JT: I chose Wilson as my high school because of its incredible dance program. One of my favorite things about being a Wilson student is being on the dance team. I’m grateful for all the experiences I’ve made at Wilson, the friends I’ve met, I really appreciate the Bruin spirit!

JM: Will you continue dance in college?

JT: I want to focus more on academics in college, but I will most likely try out for the dance team as well.

Jaycie Packard

JM: What was one of your favorite activities you were involved in during high school?

JP: I had a lot of fun being on the cheer and dance team!

JM: What are some of your future goals?

JP: I recently committed to UCLA and I plan on majoring in global business with an emphasis in pre-law. I hope to start my own law firm or continue helping my dad with his real estate development business.

Ellie O’Donnell

JM: What are some of the things you love about Wilson?

EO: I enjoyed playing basketball for Wilson. I also really liked going to a class size of 26, at my former private school to an incoming freshman class at Wilson of over a thousand!

JM: What are your plans after graduation?

EO: I plan on going to UC Santa Barbara. I’m interested in zoology and physiology.

Alexis Timko

JM: What were some of your favorite memories of going to Wilson High School?

AT. There have been a lot of great memories. I participated at Wilson as a student athletic trainer. I really loved attending all the sporting events (especially between Poly and Wilson teams) because it was such an electric atmosphere, and it truly encapsulated the high school experience.

JM: What is your college of choice?

AT: I’m going to USC on a scholarship and plan to major in neuroscience.

Anna Neumann

JM: What is a favorite memory you have of Wilson?

AN: One of my favorite memories of being a Wilson student was running around the quad during ‘80s day.’

JM: Fun! What do you want to do with your life upon graduating?

AN: Well, right now I volunteer with a horseback riding program for disabled kids. I also volunteer at a veterinary office. I want to be a vet and have submitted my intent to register at UCLA in the fall and I hope to go to UC Davis for my graduate degree.

Jacob Leroux

JM: What was your sport during your time here at Wilson?

JL: I played for Wilson’s baseball team all four years.

JM: Where do you want to go to college?

JL: Right now (in May) I’m deciding between UC Berkeley or UCLA for college. I plan to be a chemical engineering major

Tess Anderson

JM: What was one of your favorite memories here at Wilson?

TA: First of all, I was thrilled to attend Wilson as I have lived by the school all my life. My favorite memory at Wilson was visiting the state legislature in Sacramento on a school field trip.

JM: What are you interested in pursuing after high school?

TA: I’m interested in politics and I would like to be a history teacher, or possibly a political aid; deciding between the Claremont Colleges Pitzer or Scripps.

Itzel Torres

JM: What was your favorite activity to be a part of here at Wilson?

IT: I enjoyed being Vice President of the Wilson Female Leadership Academy. I’m very passionate about encouraging women to be their best selves.

JM: What do you plan on pursuing after high school?

IT: I plan to study speech and language pathology at Long Beach State.

Aesha Mahmoud

JM: Do you have a favorite Wilson memory?

AM: My favorite Wilson memories were taking part in the dance shows. I’ve made a lot of new friends from taking dance at Wilson.

JM: What do you want to do after graduation?

AM: I would like to immerse myself in many different internships in the future and I aspire to go to grad school.

Cindy Sahagun

JM: What activity were you very passionate about while in high school?

CS: I’m actually one of the few to have completed over 1,000 service hours. Many of those service hours were spent tutoring a transitional kindergarten class at Herrera Elementary School.

JM: Wow! That’s great. What do you want to study in college?

CS: I plan to study physical therapy in college

Jacqueline Santillan

JM: Congrats Jacqueline! What do you think of being Valedictorian?

JS: I’m proud to be a valedictorian of Mexican heritage! Thanks to my parents for helping me and encouraging me along the way!

JM: What are your plans after graduation?

JS: I plan to study health care administration in college and aspires to buy a house for my parents!

Alberto Urgiles

JM: What was your favorite high school memory?

AU: My favorite high school memory was dancing with friends at formal.

JM: What is another thing you did outside of high school? Where do you want to go to college?

AU: I was a math tutor outside of school and I want to attend either UC Davis or UC Irvine.

Andela Misic

JM: Congrats, Andela! Tell me a little bit about yourself.

AM: I’m from Serbia. I like to play the violin and I have volunteered for the Red Cross. I’m really passionate about helping people.

JM: What do you plan to do after you graduate high school?

AM: I plan to attend UC Berkeley next year, studying immunology and pathogenesis

Kathryn Weller

JM: What do you appreciate most about Wilson?

KW: I appreciate how much school spirit that goes along with being a Wilson Bruin!

JM: What do you plan on doing after high school?

KW: I plan to attend UC Santa Barbara and excited to learn how to surf while there!

Khoi Pham

JM: Congrats, Khoi! What was your reaction when you found out you were to be named Valedictorian? KP: I was thrilled when my school counselor told me the news I was going to be a Wilson valedictorian! I will miss Wilson but I am excited to attend either UC Davis or UC San Diego for college.

JM: Who was a teacher that you really enjoyed?

KP: One of my favorite teachers at Wilson is my math teacher, Mr. He

Riley Henry

JM: Riley, congrats! You write for us at 908 Magazine! Where have you committed to going to college?

RH: Haha thanks. I’ve committed to attending the University of Oklahoma, majoring in biomedical engineering.

JM: What? No journalism degree? Haha just kidding. So what do you want to do with your life at this point (you’ll always have a special home at 908 Magazine).

RH: Aww thanks! I want to enter the field of research in artificial organs and stem cells or go to law school and become a lobbyist.

Cadence Stringer

JM: Congrats, Cadence! How does it feel to be Valedictorian?

CS: It feels great. I have dreamed about being valedictorian since I was a freshman.

JM: What was one of the things you were known for here at Wilson?

CS: I was a dancer in the Dance Department all 4 years at Wilson and I hopes to come back and choreograph for the department once in college. Right now, I’m deciding between Pepperdine, Chapman or Fordham University. I have full rides to Chapman and Fordham.

Alexa Ara

JM: What was your favorite subject/class while at Wilson?

AA: That’s a hard one because I really loved all my classes. AP Art History with Mr. Zito was a lot of fun. He’s an amazing teacher; he seems to make everything funny and enjoyable. Super, super fun class.

JM: Where are you going to college?

AA: I’m going to Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. It’s a little daunting but exciting at the same time to move across the country. I love the campus and I love everything about the college. My possible concentration is psychology or neuroscience.


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