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Introducing... The 908 App

This is the biggest news our magazine has ever broken. And it’s about ourselves.

We present to you our groundbreaking, revolutionary 908 App. Throughout this issue, our goal is to tell you, show you, and ultimately convince you that the future of local media isn’t just already here, but you are part of making it happen.

We’re creating something that is completely unique, up-to-the-minute, and just makes sense for the media needs of a city like Long Beach in the modern world.

As we continue to grow our print publication (we’re definitely not saying goodbye to print), we are also looking into the realities of online interaction in 2018 and developing a local platform that makes sense for the digital needs of Long Beach.

People go on the internet these days for three primary reasons: to search for information, consume content, and connect socially. Because that’s what people want, that’s what a local media company needs to provide within and pertaining to a city.

So please download our 908 App from your smart phone’s app store, click around as you flip through this magazine, and let us know what you think!

View the PDF Version of the Spring 2018 Magazine Issue Here:


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