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School Showcase: Valley Christian’s Valedictorian and Salutatorian

While talking to Sam Wang and Julianna Bassett, Valley Christian’s 2018 Salutatorian and Valedictorian, respectively, it is evident that not only are they exceptional students, but they have the personality and genuine character to go along with their high academic achievement. These well-rounded individuals have big plans for the future and have fond memories of their time at Valley Christian.

Sam Wang, Salutatorian

JM: So Sam, you’re an international student from China. What was it like adapting to the American culture?

SW: Well, I came to the United States in my sophomore year of high school. Though I grew up learning and studying English, I admit, it was hard for me to adapt at first to conversing in English. When I first came here to America, I would always just respond “Yes” to my friends whenever they talked to me, but one time, a friend said during lunch, “Hey Sam, can you pass me a napkin, please?” I replied “yes” but didn’t pass the napkin. [laughs] I can laugh about it now but it was kind of embarrassing then.

JM: What are your future goals?

I’m passionate about robotics and I’m going to be a bioengineering major at UC San Diego.

JM: What were some of the activities you were involved in during high school?

SW: I was involved in the school band, pep band, jazz band, student council, played defensive end and tackle positions in football, and was in track and field.

Julianna Bassett, Valedictorian

JM: So, Julianna, you have attended Valley Christian since kindergarten. Tell me a little bit about your experiences.

JB: Haha, yes! I’m considered a “lifer” here at Valley Christian. Well, I was a singer in the madrigal choir and on the praise team, played viola my sophomore through her junior years of high school, and played violin before that. I also participated in a myriad of clubs but, being in the broadway showcase club was a special highlight. I also was involved in playing sports. I was in swim, cross country, and softball throughout high school.

JM: Wow, that’s a lot! What was your hardest class?

JB: My hardest class was AP World History, but I still got an A+, I just had to work extra hard in that class!

JM: How excited are you to embark on new adventures after graduation?

JB: I’m super excited to embark on a new adventure in college at Cornell. I love anatomical science. I will be a nutritional science major, studying diets and diseases as a pre-med student. I’ve aspirations to be a cardiovascular surgeon.


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