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Managing the Property and the Pet

Need help vetting tenants, and more importantly, their pets, for your home or building? Check out Beach Cities Management’s pet vetting process.

It’s true that pets are a part of the family, but it’s also true that the two “P’s” in property damage are people and pets. Property Manager Dustin Edwards, owner of Beach Cities Management, uses as a vetting process for tenant animals.

“We screen all of our [property] applicants all the way down to their pets! In our industry, pets have become a big deal,” Edwards said. “We needed some way of knowing what pets are viable and which ones are not [for people’s homes.]”

Pet owners are asked 30 questions and receive a “FIDO” score similar to a “FICO” score. There are rankings, one to five paws, recommending approval or pet disapproval.

“Once your pet has a profile, any property manager can go in and look at your pet’s profile,” Edwards said. “We can also report things, if someone is bitten by your dog, we can find out about it; when you go to apply for the next place, your dog will have a history. We take screening applicants seriously and choose only well-qualified tenants for the properties we manage.”

Call to make an appointment today with Beach Cities Management at 562-888-0247. Visit their website:


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