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Keys to Having a Warrior Summer

This summer, feel better connected to your body and bring a warrior mindset to your summer activity and health with I Defy Fitness Community.

“At I Defy Fitness, we really focus on bringing a warrior mindset to organic human movement,” said I Defy Fitness owner Scott Sonderman, DPT. “Warriors are always ready to go. If you’re in battle, you don’t get to lay down your weapon; you find a way to keep yourself motivated and safe. That’s the mindset we are chasing after here.”

Here are some tips for a healthier, more relaxed and optimized summer that Sonderman says will quickly bring out that warrior within.


Sonderman says the key to starting your morning is hydration.

“Most of us reach straight for the coffee in the morning, but drinking between 8 to 20 oz. of water first is better for your overall health. I premake a shake with water, Himalayan salt, and lemon juice to alkalize and hydrate my body before I reach for my coffee.” Sonderman adds that this hydration cocktail wakes you up and boosts your metabolism. And don’t drink ice cold water, because it’s harder for your body to process.

“It’s a good habit to start anytime, but in the summer it gets hotter and we get more dehydrated than normal, so that’s a quick fix for helping you feel better,” Sonderman said. “Your body doesn’t know the difference between dehydration and hunger, the brain reads it the same. You’re going to feel hungry if you’re dehydrated.” In other words, think about drinking a glass of water before diving into those extra calories.

Controlling Your Breath

Learning to breathe into your diaphragm is key to feeling great this summer, Sonderman says.

“A lot of the times when we feel stressed, you see shoulders come up, the body kind of rounds out, and you start breathing from your upper body rather than breathing low. Your body opts for more stressful, panicky breathing,” Sonderman said. “To bring yourself back [to more functional breathing,] stand upright and get the air going through the stomach again; it helps you reset.”

Sonderman says that your diaphragm and pelvic floor should always match up — finding a happy medium in these muscles is key. You don’t want your tailbone sticking way out or your body to be completely slouched over. Get as tall and wide as you can in your posture, breathe through your nose, and feel your belly gently rising and lower body expand in all directions.

Wake Up Your Muscles

The abdominals, glutes, and lats tend to fall asleep when sitting for too long during the day. Sonderman suggests taking breaks if you’re sitting for more than 20-30 minutes. Dig your heels into the ground, squeeze your glutes, pull your tailbone under you, and take a forced breath using a “hissing” sound. The stomach tightens, the shoulders pull down a little bit and it wakes up and reactivates your muscles.

Try the 21-day unlimited group and personal training classes for $89 at I Defy Fitness and look for the next round of the six-week body transformation program this summer.

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