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Stride Over to Tenni-Moc’s for the New OOFOS Shoe

If your feet are killing you, stop by Tenni-Moc’s Shoe Store to get the latest OOFOS shoe. OOFOS is the leading brand of recovery footwear, and you won’t find more OOFOS shoes than at Tenni-Mocs. These shoes are designed to absorb shock after a workout and can actually make your body feel better by helping you recover faster.

Their newest recovery shoes, OOmgs, are made of a material called OOFoam. The new closed-toe OOFOS shoe is designed to absorb even more impact and conforms to the foot so that it moves freely and easily. The OOmg also has a stretchable strap across the top of the shoe to add extra binding.

When Tenni-Mocs moves to its new location May 15, you can chill out in the state-of-the-art recovery lounge sponsored by OOFOS in the store.

“The recovery lounge is going to feature OOFOS and all our other recovery brands,” said Tenni-Moc’s owner Alexandra Maltezos. “So post-run, you can come in and we’re going to have foot massagers. It will be just a cool area to hang out in — everyone should come visit and check out the new store. It’s going to be really cool.”

Visit their website:


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