• Jonathan Murrietta

Fun Fact: Marine Stadium

Did you know that Long Beach has 114 historic landmarks? During this week’s fun fact, learn about the origins of the historic Marine Stadium!

Did you know that Marine Stadium was first created for the Xth Olympiad?

The water course was constructed in 1932 when a portion of Alamitos Bay was dredged and straightened for the Olympic rowing competition. The U.S. team won the rowing gold that year.

The 1968 and 1976 U.S. men’s Olympic rowing trials were held at Marine Stadium, as well as the 1984 U.S. women’s rowing trials. Now, it is operated by City Parks and Recreation and Marine Department. It is still used today for various water sporting events and still serves as one of Long Beach’s most scenic views. Marine Stadium is located at 5255 E. Paoli Way on the southeastern edge of Long Beach.

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