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How to Use Mobile Technology When Traveling

Bolt Computer Training owner and technology expert Susan Boltinghouse gives tips to maximize your upcoming trip with technology.

When you’re going on a trip this summer, using technology wisely can help make your journey more convenient, comfortable and might even help you find those hidden gems along the way. Here are a few tips from Bolt Computer Training owner and technology expert Susan Boltinghouse on how to use technology to maximize the trip.

Trip Details

There are countless pieces of information to keep track of when you are going on a trip. Having 42 different emails might not be the best way to keep track of it all.

“I like to use the digital notebook Microsoft OneNote,” Boltinghouse said. “It’s great for viewing information and keeping track of information regarding your itinerary.” Boltinghouse also suggests screenshotting or preloading any directions and maps pertaining to your destination. In OneNote, you can paste or preload them into the app very easily. That way, you have everything in one place and can easily access where you need to go and what you need to do. Boltinghouse says you can also make a folder in your email program and name it “Trip Details.”


It’s important to keep your device’s location services turned on while traveling. Boltinghouse reminds travelers to preload any addresses and locations pertaining to your travels when possible. The addresses then can be quickly filled — you start typing in the address and it autofills. It’s quick and convenient for when you’re on the go.


Make sure to download the company airline apps, especially if you’re loyal to a particular airline. It’s much easier to add luggage, make changes to your flight and have a better experience using the company app. It’s also helpful to use your mobile device to take advantage of ride-sharing services like Uber or Lyft. It is significantly less expensive, and easier, to use these services, especially in big cities.


“I spend much of my time gathering entertainment on my mobile devices before I go on a trip,” Boltinghouse said. For someone who is an avid reader, it’s nice to know that you don’t have to carry all these heavy books in order to get a lot of reading done on long flights. A Kindle device can store more than 100 books. It’s lightweight on planes and there’s no glare.

For movies and television watching, Boltinghouse suggests Amazon Prime if watching on computers or laptops and Google Play for watching on phones or iPads. Download your movies and televisions show prior to your trip and have it ready for your journey. Also, create any new music playlists before heading out onto the open road and make sure they are available offline.


Using the TripAdvisor app is useful when you’re in unfamiliar territory because, for the most part, it’s your fellow tourists commenting on the food scene. Or, Boltinghouse suggests that if you’re a traveler in Long Beach, take advantage of the 908 App!


TripAdvisor is another good app to use to quickly look up kayak rental prices, tandem bike rentals and more. You can assess, by the traveler photos posted, whether you want to partake in a certain activity or not. If your phone is having bandwidth issues, it’s also a good idea to have the Google Search app installed on your phone to quickly search local, fun activities too.


Boltinghouse reminds everyone to prepare their data card and backup photos before and after a trip.

“I still love having a camera for a trip because you can zoom better, it’s not as pixelated as when you zoom on a phone, you can really zoom in. These mirrorless, compact cameras take great photos and are easy to store in your luggage.”

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