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The Estate Case at J&L Jewelry

Whether you’re getting engaged or looking for a one-of-a-kind accessory, explore J&L Jewelry’s assortment of unique estate jewelry.

There are a lot of happy stories that accompany the estate case at J&L Jewelry; people’s memories live on through these unique pieces of jewelry. Charm bracelets that once were a talisman for someone, which might sport a little Eiffel Tower commemorating their first trip to Paris or a rock from when they visited the Grand Canyon, are purchased and worn by other people after the original owner passed.

“Some things are just too nice to meltdown, so we sell them here,” said J&L Jewelry owner Janis Krantz. “We take the items and price it below retail price so it’s attractive to buyers.”

Krantz says that the jewelry store has offered a lot of wedding rings during the estate case. Sometimes, couples fall in love with the rings as is; other times, they might not, but J&L Jewelry has a solution for that.

“We’ve made engagement rings out of that case many times,” Krantz said. “Instead of getting a new diamond [ring] from a retail store, we redesign an old ring and give them a nice big rock at half the price.”

There are also many eccentric pieces that can be found in the estate case — a unique lapis and diamond ring for example, or a pocket watch with the initials “MJ” engraved on it that can transfer from one person to another with the same initials.

The estate case has also proven to help sustain life. Krantz recalls the day a man walked in with his mom, who was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, needing to sell all her jewelry to pay for her care in a memory care facility.

A separate story involving a successful businesswoman Krantz knew for years encapsulates the notion of just how important these pieces of jewelry really become. When the recession hit, the woman was out of work and sold her jewelry back to the jewelry store. The woman’s jewelry acted as subsidence all the way up to her death. The last two pieces of her jewelry paid for her cremation fee.

But the most common stories are those precious jewelry pieces that tell the story of those lifelong, happily married couples whom the jewelry used to belong to — now, they are recycled to fit the hands of a young, newly engaged couples for, hopefully, another long, storied marriage.

Visit the family-owned J&L Jewelry in Long Beach at 1823 Ximeno Ave., or call 562-986-4380 for more information on the estate case. Visit for more information as well.


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