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Must-Dos to Reduce Stress of Selling Your Home by Michele K

Studies show that selling your home can be as stressful as getting a divorce or going through bankruptcy. In honor of National Stress Awareness Month, here are a few helpful tips to reduce stress when selling your home.

Work with the right listing agent to secure an appropriate price

Getting sellers and buyers to trust their agents on the correct pricing is one of the biggest hurdles to clear when selling a house. That is why agents with a lot of experience and a trustworthy reputation are top-producers in their niche.

“And on the flip-side, the buyers have to trust that you are not overpaying to secure a winning bid,” said Long Beach real estate agent Michele K. “I believe that my team and I excel at finding buyers the right home and obtaining at the right price. I once had a client who was convinced her house was worth much more than the market studies showed. Even after numerous agents gave her the same opinion, she would not agree to a lower list price. She was a very nice person and we had established a close relationship, so I agreed to list her house because I knew that I could take care of her during the rocky road ahead.”

After many price reductions, Michele says, her client finally got on offer. Unfortunately, this offer wasn't the cleanest because it was contingent on the buyers selling their home. The buyer's sell turned out to be extremely difficult, which added time and increased the stress level on Michele’s seller. The house finally did close, but it took eight months. “If we had priced it correctly from the beginning, the sellers would have netted much more into their pockets without the added stress,” Michele says.

Be as accommodating as possible during home showings

Showing your home doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable experience. Your listing agent should help make the transaction as smooth as possible. Work with your agent to secure all valuables when people are visiting, obtain a lockbox, be concise on showing instructions, and have the home “show ready.”

Try to let go of the house emotionally

It’s difficult sometimes to say goodbye to your home when you’ve spent years trying to perfect it. But don’t take it personally when buyers start talking about the way they would redo your home, the thing you’ve spent so much time on making your own. They are wanting to fit into their home, not the previous owners’ version of the house. Try to leave the house when it is being shown if you don’t want to hear those conversations about potential buyers redoing your beloved kitchenette, in which you’ve accumulated those good memories of making your favorite frittata and learning how to make a French apple tart.

“Selling a house is hard both emotionally and physically,” Michele K said. “Although it’s always my main goal to get top dollar, it also is my goal to make it as stress-free as possible.”

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