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10 Ideas for Family Fun at El Dorado Park!

By Marina Hernandez

From Fishing, to Archery, to Exploring the Wild West, here's some great ideas for taking advantage of Long Beach's biggest park!

This gem of an outdoor space in our very own 908 backyard is loaded with all the leisure and adventurous activities you would expect from a large park. The park is open March-October from 7:00am-8:00pm; however, with this list of our top 10 Ideas for Family Fun at El Dorado Park, you may need multiple visits to truly enjoy all the amenities this expansive parkland has to offer. Visit the park on weekdays for $6, Friday $7 and at a weekend rate of $9.

1. Fishing

Whether you are a seasoned angler or trying out fishing as a new hobby, the lakes at El Dorado are amply stocked. California Department of Fish and Wildlife stocks the park’s four lakes with rainbow trout from winter to early spring and catfish during the summer. Other fish you may hook are bluegill, largemouth bass, and carp. License required for 16+. There is no fishing allowed at the Nature Center.

2. Archery Range

Enter the park via the Spring Street entrance and hang a left. You will find a series of archery targets which are open during park hours to visitors with their own equipment. For first timers, the El Dorado Archers offers a beginner’s class on Saturday mornings for a minimal $5 rental fee. Refer to website before you attend a class and for updated CoViD restrictions

3. Dog Park

Whether you have a pooch of your own or not, we encourage you to walk a lap within the protective gates of the small dog or large dog enclosures. This is the only place in the park where your pup can enjoy some off-leash time and stretch out those fetching muscles. Meanwhile, prepare to meet some friendly frolicking puppies or to be inspected by a curious retriever.

4. A Good Ol’ Fashioned Picnic

Prepare a lunch, pack a picnic blanket, and bluetooth your speaker for a chill day in the park. Picnicking potluck style is an effortless way to spend a sunny weekend with your besties, or consider switching up your workday routine with some casual outdoor dining and people watching.

5. Playground

Calling all parents. El Dorado Park has recently undergone some major playground changes that your little ones might need to explore. Nestled within the Golden Grove Picnic area is a brand new playground pad and two play areas with updated structures.

6. Wheel Fun Rentals

Bike riding is a great way to get your body moving and relieve tension while getting fresh air. We love Wheel Fun Rentals because they offer a ton of fun options to traverse the park in style. Choose from classic cruiser bikes for kids and adults, go-kart style bikes, a double Surrey with the pedaling power of 4 grown adults, and more ranging from $12-$37 per hour. Visit website for details

7. Model Sailboat Area

In the West Side Lake within the buoys you are likely to observe remote controlled sailboats cruising with the wind. The area is open to all model sailboat enthusiasts and those interested in learning more. Because boats share the lake with wildlife, remote control speed boats are not permissible.

8. Glider Field and Helicopter Pad

Located in Area 3 just north of the Golden Grove you will find a grassy knoll where remote controlled airplanes and gliders rule the sky. Take a seat close by to enjoy the air show, or learn to fly your own model craft by contacting the El Dorado Silent Fliers Club. Just across a nearby road is the drone and model helicopter pad. Launch from the concrete pad and drift over the glider field. All fliers must be certified through AMA.

9. Host an event

If you are looking to have some large-scale fun like a birthday party, family reunion or corporate get together, El Dorado Park scores major outdoor fun points. The park with its built-in entertainment coupled with the personality of your special gathering makes for a memorable event. A permit is required for groups of 25 or more.

To make a reservation, call (562) 570-1771.

10. The El Dorado Frontier

New owners Patrick and Sunshine Wolovich have been breathing life into this one-of-a-kind theme park since they took over the space in 2018. What was once a single attraction of an 18-gauge vintage train is now a completely immersive Western-themed mini amusement park. A $15 admission ticket entitles patrons to a train ride with a beautifully narrated story about the history of the Gold Rush, and a carousel ride with an original music score taking riders on an adventurous journey through the old frontier. Other permanent attractions include panning for treasure, a prospector’s journey on a hand car mining buggy, and educational prize games. Following the progress of this theme park on social media (@eldoradofrontier) is a must for keeping up with events, special guests and unique vendors.

Visit for more information.



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