Palo Santo means "Holy Wood” and has been used by Indigenous people for many centuries as a spiritual remedy to cleanse, heal, purify and eliminate negative energy and rid evil spirits.

Ethically harvested from the dry forest floors of Coastal Ecuador or Peru, our Palo Santo is never sourced from cut ‘Bursera graveolens’ trees, but rather those that have died of natural causes, fallen to Earth and allowed to reside there absorbing rich oils creating the beautiful aroma and magical properties we all know and love.

Light the end of the stick and burn for 20 - 30 seconds. Blow out the flames and spread the smoke. The smoke is believed to cleanse the space, body and aura - driving away negative energy and allowing you to connect deeper with your surroundings. Enjoy the clarity, grounding and influx of positive energy.

Commonly used in house blessings, meditation, sparking creativity, rituals, ceremonies, spiritual cleansing/purification and even effective repellent for mosquitoes! Sticks last for many uses.

Each bundle includes 5 sticks. Typically, 4 x 0.5 inches. Due to being a naturally sourced item please allow for variance between pieces. Each bundle is packaged in an eco-friendly and biodegradable 100% Muslin cotton jute bag made in India.

To prevent a fire, burn one palo santo stick at a time. Keep within sight and out of reach of children and/or pets. Never leave near flammable materials. Make sure the room is well ventilated. Opening all windows and doors in your space will also serve to drive out the negative energies. Make sure you extinguish completely at the end of your experience.

Not recommended for those who are pregnant, with asthma or those who have respiratory issues.

Wandernest Designs Palo Santo

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    Long Beach resident Kourtney King started her lifestyle and decor company as a way to share her passion of traveling the world. All items are inspired by a country she has visited. The Havana Noche candle in our Big City Box, is inspired by Cuba and was born from the fun nights she had drinking mojitos under the Havana sky. This candle features scents of Mint + Rose + Eucalyptus. 5% of all proceeds from the sale of this candle goes to the non profit organization, Roots of Hope, that provides the youth with the skills and tools they need to build a better future for themselves.