Trio Set of Antica 60 ml Traditional Aged Balsamic, 60 ml Tuscan Herb Olive Oil and 60 ml Lemon Olive Oil in a complimentary gift bag.


We offer our finest, aged Balsamic Vinegar from Modena, Italy. Aged up to 18 years with the Solera Method, this rich dark balsamic is great with salads, over vegetables, and desserts.


Tuscan Herb Olive Oil is delicious blend of herbs, sun-dried tomatoes and garlic olive oil. Use it on everything from salad dressings to marinades. Great to cook an omelette on the stove top or drizzle over cooked vegetables or pasta.


Lemon olive oil is made by crushing fresh Eureka lemon with olives together. Light and refreshing flavor.

Good to use to saute or grill shrimp or scallops in or drizzle on chicken or fish. Makes very refreshing salad dressing.


Antica Trio Set of Traditional Aged Balsamic, Tuscan Herb & Lemon Olive Oils

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    Mary Arrañaga Landis, Owner and Forager of Antica, has been in the food business her whole life.  When the opportunity came up to purchase Antica Olive Oils and Vinegars, she was ecstatic, with a whole-hearted confidence in the quality of these products.  Antica’s variety of Ultra Premium Olive Oils & Vinegars in so many flavors make Antica the perfect place to shop for cooks, the health-conscious and any eaters who like the finer flavors in life!