Hello Gorgeous!!! I’m a believer in extracting all the best elements from nature. Soapko’s skin oil has a delicate blend of florals infused in organic & natural oils, that will give your skin moisture, softness, and protect against the elements of the day, aging, and life changes.
I can’t even describe the scent! It is simply divine; a result of its natural ingredients & essential oils.
Available in 2oz & 4oz.


Light weight, silky, fast absorbing & moisturizing. 

Great for daily use. 

Soapko Skin & Hair Oil

  • Soapko Artisan Soaps

    With a lifelong interest in natural products, Sokko began to research and practice the soap making process on many late nights, when she couldn’t sleep, after the passing of her mom in 2018. Pretty soon she started a home made soap business. “Soaps by Sokko” turned into “Soapko” and she began  from face and body soap, to body butters, sugar scrubs, and skin oil.


    The big difference between what you get with Soapko as opposed to store-bought soaps is a variety of skin benefiting oils and butters that are used to make the soaps. Sokko was shocked to learn that the majority of store bought soaps are made with animal fat, and that some plant based soaps were actually made with cheaper, massed produced oils such as corn oil, or soy,  as well as other added chemicals. Soapko soaps and products are made using generous amounts of organic or unrefined oils and butters such as shea butter, cocoa butter, olive oil, and coconut oils, all of which contain individual and amazing skin health benefits.