Sugar free. Vegan. Ingredients: rolled oats, coconut flakes, wheat germ, canola oil, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, vanilla, & salt. 14oz.

Sconeage Unsweetened Plain Granola

  • Sconeage

    You’d be hard-pressed to find a family-business that involves more “family” than Sconeage.  Owners Lionel and Mara Kozaczinski have seven children and you guessed it, seven employees.  Ranging from age 30 to age 13, there’s a role for everyone.  Paloma makes the granola, Antonia makes the scones and cookies, Alexis runs the social media and helps with baking, Graciela manages the wholesale accounts and online sales, and the list goes on… all the way down to their high school children who help with labeling and other tasks afterschool!


    Sconeage is the spin off from a café down on the peninsula that long-time Long Beach locals may remember.  Café Con Leche served similar offerings in a boutique café setting from 1990 until 2000 when their building was converted to apartments.  Lionel Kozaczinski didn’t let that setback his business, however.  He took his most popular items including the delectable scones and granola and started on the SoCal Farmer’s Market circuit.  People all over know Lionel as “The French Guy” or “The Scone Man.”  Eventually, the family’s success in farmers markets allowed them to reopen a brick and mortar store called Sconeage at Anaheim and Ximeno.


    Follow their website and social media for updates on when the storefront will reopen (it’s been mostly closed during the pandemic).  But until then, you can still order online and their delicious baked goods are shipped to you through USPS!  Or catch them in-person at the Sunday Marina Pacifica Farmer’s Market!