A great try-me sized organic skincare gift set for your people with sensitive skin!  This set is a wonderful way for you or a thought-of friend to try out LB Love Organics most popular items, including our magnesium deodorant.


Also perfect for loved ones undergoing chemo, radiation, or those strong survivors in your life.


The Organic mini-Favorites Gift Set contains:

-Lavender Vanilla heart shaped mini hard lotion, 0.5 oz

-Lavender Lemongrass mini natural deodorant, 0.4 oz
-Vanilla Mint Lip Love lip balm, 0.15 oz

-items come in a reusable muslin bag

LB Love Organic mini-Favorites Gift Set

  • LB Love Organics

    As a young adult, Meredith Wilson loved to use organic products whenever possible and had even dabbled in the process of making her own.  But when two of her children developed eczema as toddlers- a common but irritable skin condition found in many babies and adults- she more seriously began to research ways to home-make a skin product that would ease their pain and discomfort without the use of steroids which is the typical commercial approach to eczema.


    The hard lotion was a hit with her own kiddos, as well as with children she and her husband cared for as a foster family.  As people in Meredith’s circle began to see how naturally effective her hard lotion was, they began to ask to buy it and what else she could make!.  LB Love Organics now produces everything from deodorants, to lip balms to body butters and sell them to excited customers all over!