Handsewn, three-layared mask made from cotton and some cotton-poly interfacing in between the layers. Double-sided with a second design. Has adjustable straps. Machine washable. Standad adult size.


Design: Surprise Design Hawaiian Face Covering

More than Lettering Hawaiian Face Coverings

  • More Than Lettering

    Jacqueline Toy turned a talent and a hobby into a business during the pandemic. Growing up, Jacqueline was always creative. She hand-painted cards for family and friends just as “favors” and was well-known in her circle for elevating weddings, birthdays, and special events by offering beautifully personalized cards and stationary to each gathering.

    It wasn’t until she was stuck at home during the pandemic that some friends encouraged her to begin selling her amazing paintings and calligraphy!

    Her cards are so special because they combine an amazingly artistic painting style with the more technical and ancient art of calligraphy. The results are beautiful, ornate cards that you can’t get anywhere else!   Visit morethanlettering.com to purchase any of her handcrafted stock cards, or contact her to commission an even more personalized, custom design for your next event, or mailing, or holiday mail-out!