This Medium Roast, Solidarity Blend is sourced from farmers in Chiapas, Mexico who are paid a living wage to grow the coffee. Fair Trade Long Beach is an amazing store that serves as a collective for 25+ local fair trade vendors.

Fair Trade Long Beach Coffee

  • Fair Trade Long Beach Retail Collective

    Teresa Baxter still remembers her first ever “fair trade” purchase.  She bought a pair of earrings from a store called 10,000 Villages in Pasadena and she felt so good and impactful about her purchase knowing it had the impact of feeding a family-in-need for a week.  That purchase began a 15-year career being part of the fair trade scene in LA until opening the Fair Trade Long Beach brick and mortar shop in Parkview Village in 2019.

    So what does shopping fair trade mean? It means that when you buy products, you know the story behind the product, you know the person who made the product, you know they were treated fairly and were paid a living wage for what they hand-crafted and created.  Teresa does not see herself as the owner of a store, rather she is more of an operations manager for a collective of 25 ethical businesses working to increase the availability of fair trade products located in Long Beach.  Fair Trade Long Beach Retail Collective is a true one-stop shop for gifts, home décor, self-care products, and more!