Tomatillo based salsa that provides a Roasted flavor with a nice heat kick.  Made with fresh ingredients,   this salsa provides a burst of flavors with a medium spice level.  


Salsas Don Chendo Salsa Roja

  • Salsas Don Chendo

    Fernando Villasenor was born and raised in Los Angeles to Immigrant parents from Mexico.  Raised in Huntington Park (South East Los Angeles), Mexican food and culture has always been a great influence as the South East is a predominantly Hispanic area.  He went off to college and attended Cal State Long Beach to pursue a degree in Computer Science.  While a student in Cal State Long Beach, he fell in love with the City and that is why he currently resides in Long Beach.  Fernando has always had a passion for cooking and is excited to pursue that passion by starting his own Salsa Business and sharing a taste of his passion with everyone.

    IG: @Salsas_Don_Chendo