This elegant but unpretentious ceramic tumbler will elevate any space. Its modern, soft-touch matte finish and bamboo lid fits perfectly with anyone's style. 60 Hour Burn Time. 100% Soy Wax 


10oz. candle

EKP Creations Matte Ceramic Tumble GREY

  • EKP Creations

    Keri Palustre was tired of her office job and ready for a change.  The year was 2014, and she and her husband Emiliano started driving around on weekends to art shows and craft fairs, looking for something that would spark the creativity back into her daily routine. Then one day she met this candle maker who repurposed wine bottles and turned them into candles! Keri was inspired, as she herself loved both wine and candles.  Her husband then volunteered some information about himself she never knew.  “I know how to cut glass,” he said.


    That settled it.  The two went right home to their Belmont Heights apartment and made a batch of candles.  They came out awful.  But that didn’t stop the two from their newfound dream.  They experimented, watched videos, and tinkered with their process eventually turning their hobby into a full time job for Keri, with their candles sold at retail shops all over Long Beach and neighboring cities!  EKP Creations also partners with wineries, real estate agents, and corporate clients to regularly make and sell their signature wine bottle candles!