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Waters Edge Winery Membership is a Pandemic Pleaser :)

I joined Long Beach’s First Winery as a member earlier this year and I have to say, even during a pandemic, the perks have been great.

Maybe I should rephrase that. Especially in the pandemic. Here’s my 5 reasons why:

1) Let’s face it…for a lot of us (I mean me) “stay at home” means a lot of “drinking at home.”

The membership get me two bottles of wine each month. They’re different, exciting, and high quality. It feels good to know I’m supporting someone local rather on something I would be purchasing anyway!

2) Big Daddy Red.

As Owner Collin Mitzenmacher says, “Everybody needs a little ‘Big Daddy’ in their life. I don’t know why I’ve never tasted another wine like this fruit-forward red with hints of homemade jam…but I haven’t. It’s my favorite wine and I can only get it at one place. Waters Edge Winery in Long Beach.

3) Gets me out of the house.

I’m a big fan of the outdoor dining all around the city. But that being said, I still am extensively limiting my “nights out.” Having a monthly membership to “take advantage of” has forced me to get out of my sweatpants, shower, and get my butt out to support local. My first visit to Waters Edge gave me the confidence to support other local eateries after seeing the safety precautions and fun atmosphere of this new normal!

4) The free tasting.

This one’s pretty self-explanatory, but having a free tasting for myself and a guest is a really nice way to start a night out. And it introduces us to new wines we may end up taking home! The 15% discount on our total check doesn’t hurt either;)

5) The patio.

There’s nothing quite like sipping good wine in the great outdoors. Waters Edge has two great patios that make it easy to relax, sip wine, eat their truly underrated food menu, and just take your mind off everything bad going on in the world!

For more info about a membership or to make a patio reservation visit or call 833-334-9463



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