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The Gregory Family

By Kelli Kreis


My maternal grandfather, William Gregory, came to LB with his family in 1924 from Boise, Idaho. My grand-ma moved to LB from Joliet, Illinois, with her family. They moved to LB for the warmer climate. My paternal grandparents came to Long Beach from St. Louis, Missouri, in 1949. They also came to LB for the weather.My mom and dad, aunt, and three uncles from both sides of our family, all graduated from Jordan High. My parents met in high school and were married shortly after graduating. We are a 4th generation family who all came to live in LB. My grandparents remained in Long Beach until their passing and the remainder of my family moved out of California. I have lived in Long Beach all my life. Myself and my 2 kids are the only ones left here. My sister and mom still come often to visit.


Some of my most memorable times growing up in LB: summers swimming at the LBCC pool, movies at Paradise theater, taking the “beach” bus to Seal Beach to meet our friends, dancing at Belmont Station, and Sublime playing at backyard parties. I am definitely a Long Beach lover for life!



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