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The Garner Family

By Juliette Mahoney


In 1913, my great, great, great grandfather, George Garner, and his wife Mary moved to Long Beach, leaving their 60-acre family farm in the small town of Inavale, Nebraska. George and Mary lived at 447 Daisy, and they both worked at the nearby Pacific Fish Company, located at 110 Pine Avenue.


I am the sixth generation of Garners to live in Long Beach, with our family having continually lived in Long Beach for the past 108 years. At least 50 Garners have lived, worked, and gone to school in Long Beach. I attended Mark Twain, Hughes, and Poly and now work for the City of Long Beach. My husband Brendan and I recently purchased our first home together in Long Beach, near El Dorado Park.


My great-grandfather, Clifford, went to Poly High School but pulled a school prank on graduation day and was not allowed to graduate! I remember my grandfather, Richard, came to my third grade class to talk about the 1933 earthquake. He shared that a red medicine fell out of a cabinet onto his sister and their mom thought she was bleeding all over!

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