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The Doe And Other Skateparks

By Logan Reboja

Long Beach is home to a thriving skate community. Skaters from all over come to visit and enjoy our facilities. From the street style of Cherry Skatepark to the transition style of El Dorado Skatepark, there is a ton of variety to choose from.

El Dorado Skatepark, also known as The Doe, is home to one of the largest communities of skaters in Long Beach. People of all ages come to Doe to hang out and skate at any time of the day. There’s even a dedicated Instagram account (@thedoe_) that posts all the best clips taken at the park. As East Long Beach’s only skatepark, the account has amassed a large following of both park regulars and people who just love skating.

At every skatepark there are different groups of people who show up. Doe is home to skaters young and old along with scooterers, bikers, and even roller skaters. People of all skill levels show up to the park, and naturally there are different times where different levels show up.

If you want an empty park, you have to go in the morning. Most of the time, the park will be empty until around 11 AM. Around midday, kids who aren’t in school will come to ride around with their friends and parents. This is the perfect time to go learn or take your kids to the park. As the day winds along, the regulars tend to show up. (A tip for the parents or watchers, try not to sit on obstacles that people may want to skate! Although a ledge may look like a comfortable spot, you might be getting in the way of somebody who wants to grind the edge.) Although people can still learn and ride around as more people show up, knowledge of skatepark etiquette becomes a must have. As long as you look where you’re going and don’t cut anyone off, you’ll be just fine. When the sun goes down is when the most experienced skaters show up. Although there may be fewer people, the skaters at this time are more comfortable with the flow of the park so they’ll be skating faster and hitting more obstacles in the park. Therefore, it may be harder to learn around this time.

Every skatepark in Long Beach has something to offer, so be sure to check them out! If you are learning, be sure to wear the proper safety equipment so you don’t get hurt.

El Dorado Park

Cherry Park

Orizaba Park

Gumbiner Park

Houghton Park

Michael K. Green Park

Silverado Park



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