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The Dimon Family

By Jenni Dimon

HOW WE GOT HERE Both my parents came to Long Beach during grade school, which was sometime in the 1940s. My mom came from Hollywood and my dad from Missouri. They all moved here for the weather and job opportunities. My parents had my sister and me here in LB, and they lived here until they retired in 1992.

WHO’S STILL HERE All of my relatives lived in LB as well, but as everyone aged, they started moving away. Today, only my immediate family lives here. Three of my four adult children live within a couple miles of us, with my oldest and her family living across the street from us. Both my husband and I retired from Boeing/Doug- las, and my sister, mom, grandma, grandpa, and two uncles all worked there, as well.


Some of my best memories are going to Kiddieland on Sundays after church. It had great rides and was located at Atherton and Ximeno. Sometimes we’d go to Pier Point Landing and feed the captive seals there. Another fond memory is going out to eat at Hof ’s Hut on Bellflower every time my dad got his paycheck. I loved the salad dressing in the rotating cup dispenser.



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