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Root + Heart Highlights Sustainability With Dryer Balls That Won't Quit!


Long Beach resident Maria Cabande didn’t realize how sustainable her lifestyle was until a friend visited and was looking for napkins at her house. “You don’t have any paper products do you?” She asked Maria. Just by living in Long Beach, Maria had developed a vastly more sustainable mindset and lifestyle than her friends and colleagues around the nation. Maria, who travels often to the South, Midwest, and East Coast for her job, decided to start a sustainable lifestyle blog, brand, and shop that can help those who are interested in sustainability to access products and learn tips on reducing waste in their own households.

In Our Winter Box:

Dryer balls! Made from 100% New Zealand wool and meant to totally replace your single-use dryer sheets, which are full of toxins! These dryer balls can be used for up to 1,000 loads and are proven to make your dryer more efficient and run faster. Some users add essential oils to the dryer balls for scent.

In Her Words

“For me I did not grow up in an eco-friendly environment, I just learned about it from the community of Long Beach. It’s not engraved in me that I need to have everything plastic-free; it’s just something I care about and make daily decisions not to produce more waste.”

Learn more about our subscription box at and order more @rootandheartco products from her Instagram account!



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